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Our free inspection turns your “used” phone into a “refurbished” one – and higher prices. Our 90-point diagnostic test conforms to industry refurbished practice
Free verification and certified data wipe
Free 24-month warranty for your buyer

You sell your Nokia phone. We boost its value.

A new Nokia phone is a wonderful thing, but when you use it every day it doesn’t take long for some of the shine to wear off. Scuffs and scrapes are inevitable, while the arrival of new models with better features can make it look long in the tooth. Eventually, it’s time to upgrade.

That’s where we come in. If you’ve got a Nokia phone to sell, Mozillion’s marketplace can help you reach thousands of genuine buyers. Whether it’s second-hand, or you want to sell a new Nokia phone, we help you sell a Nokia phone without all the hassle of other listing sites. And because we boost your used phone’s condition to that of a certified refurbished phone - for free - we help you get more money for your mobile.

Should I trade in my Nokia phone?

Trading in a Nokia phone might seem like the quickest and easiest way to save money on a new phone - but stop! We can help you do more than trade in a Nokia phone, getting you far more money without adding any hassle. Mozillion’s marketplace is full of genuine buyers, all prepared to pay better rates to buy mobile phones they can count on.

Mozillion buyers pay more - check out how much for a used Nokia phone. We also charge lower fees than other listings sites and marketplaces, so you get to keep more of your money.

Why sell a Nokia phone through us?

It’s all too easy to end up with a phone you don’t need. Unwanted gifts, outdated features, or simply an old mobile you no longer use: we’ve all had them sitting in a drawer at some point. The truth is, it’s often more hassle than it’s worth to sell an old Nokia phone, and low trade in values aren’t much incentive either.

At Mozillion, it’s different. Our simple process is designed to take the hassle out of selling a Nokia phone. Whether it’s new or used, we can connect you with genuine buyers, prepared to pay top rates for phones they can trust. You don’t need to write a listing, speak to buyers, chase up payments or troubleshoot problems - just relax and sell your Nokia phone for more.

We boost the value of your second-hand Nokia mobile phone by subjecting it to an exhaustive labs inspection, and securely wiping all of your data. By raising the condition to certified refurbished, buyers will pay more. More than that, we stand by your sale - dealing with any problems and protecting buyers with a free 24-month guarantee.

How do I sell my Nokia phone?

It couldn’t be easier to sell a Nokia phone through Mozillion. Simply choose your model, and tell us about any options such as colour or memory. Select whether it’s new and unboxed, or a second-hand phone in pristine, very good or good condition.

There’s no need to take photos or write a listing - simply choose whether you want to Sell Now to the highest current offer, or name an Asking Price and wait for the market to meet it. When an offer comes in, your phone is sold - send it to us and we deal with everything else for you. We refurbish it, clear the payments, despatch your phone and send you the money.

You’ll sell a Nokia phone for more with Mozillion. And if you want to save money on a new Nokia phone, we’ll help you buy a new Nokia phone for less, too!

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