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New & refurbished Motorola phones for sale

Motorola’s long history of making mobile phones contains one undoubted highlight: the Razr. Launched in 2004 and continuing through multiple model years, the quintessential clamshell is undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest mobile phones. Which is why Motorola’s 2020 foldable reboot is one of the most exciting smartphones out there.

At Mozillion, we’ve got great mobile phone deals on the new Motorola Razr 5G. And like all the new phones for sale on our marketplace, it’s available boxed and unopened, ready for you to drop in a SIM. If you prefer to buy a second-hand mobile phone, you’ll find loads of certified refurbished Motorola phones for sale. If you don’t need 5G, why not browse for a refurbished Motorola Razr?

Every refurbished phone sold on Mozillion is checked against the leading lost and stolen register. Each has to pass our exhaustive 90-point labs inspection, before its data gets destroyed by a certified wipe. And once we’ve restored the phone to certified refurbished condition, we back it up with the protection of our 24-month guarantee - absolutely free.

Why buy a Motorola phone from us?

If you’re going to buy a design classic, it helps to get a great price. We offer some of the best Motorola mobile phone deals out there on the brand new Razr 5G. Buy through Mozillion with the reassurance that the new phones for sale on our marketplace are all boxed, unopened, and sold SIM-free.

If you’re looking to drive a harder bargain, check out the second-hand mobile phone deals available on the Mozillion marketplace. Make an offer on a Motorola Razr, or click the Buy Now button. Either way, you can be confident when you buy a refurbished Motorola phone from our marketplace. We check all phones are neither lost nor stolen. We put each through an extensive 90-point labs test, then destroy their data with a certified wipe. Only then do we add a 24-month guarantee. It’s on us - so you can relax and enjoy your new phone.

Choosing the best Motorola phone

Much like double-glazing, if you’re going to buy a Motorola phone, it might as well be the best. The Motorola Razr 5G is certainly that, cramming brilliant hardware into a stylish, diminutive and highly practical package. Folded up, the Motorola Razr 5G measures only 92mm long by 16mm thick - perfect for keeping in a pocket.

One of the Razr 5Gs neatest tricks is that its rear camera doubles up as a front-facing camera when the phone is closed. At 48 megapixels, it produces the most detailed selfies going! Open it up and the 6.2” screen is there to dazzle you - whether you’re gaming, streaming or simply browsing social media. If you want the latest and best, browse our new Motorola phones for sale.

If you want to get all the same style for even less money, you might want to buy a Motorola Razr. One year older than the Razr 5G, the Razr nonetheless was the perfect reboot, and still has plenty to offer. Fantastic looks, compact packaging and a capable processor, it’s the perfect (re)introduction to flip phones.

At Mozillion, we can help you choose from brilliant second-hand Motorola phones for sale. Simply make an offer or choose to Buy Now and we’ll find you a great Motorola phone deal. Before we despatch your phone, we’ll check it’s not reported lost or stolen, and subject it to our exacting 90-point test. We securely wipe the previous owner’s data. You get a certified refurbished phone you can trust, backed up by a free 24-month guarantee that ensures it.

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