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Risk free buying and selling.

At last. Welcome to some trust and fairness in the phone market.

Until now, it’s been seriously lacking.

Too often, buyers have to cross fingers that they’ll get what they’ve paid for. Sellers get tied up with time wasters and slow payers. And everyone gets paranoid about the threat of bad reviews.

Then there are the ‘we buy your tech’ sites, where sellers get miserable prices while buyers pay over the odds.

There has to be a better way. And now there is.

You can do better.

Only one thing equals Mozillion’s love of phones, and that’s fairness. On our platform, everyone gets a fairer deal, and here’s why.

One: we pre-inspect every phone you buy to refurbished standards. And two: Mozillion – not the seller – stands by that phone with a rock-solid 24-month guarantee.

And this means:

  • Sellers get more money. That free guarantee makes your phone more desirable. We also market your phone with expert write-ups and photography. Live market prices help you maximise your returns. And after the sale, Mozillion even takes care of any issues. Yet for all this, you only pay a competitive seller’s fee. Seriously, do the maths.
  • Buyers: you get more for your money. Every phone is tested to the highest industry standards. Any issues – we deal with them, not the seller. If the phone isn’t as described – we’ll replace it. Any genuine warranty claims – we’ll fix them for 24 months. And our live data shows you fair market prices before you pull the trigger.

Welcome to risk-free, fairer buying and selling. With Mozillion, you really can do better.


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