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Sim free, new & refurbished phones for sale

If you want to buy a new mobile or you’re searching for a second-hand phone without the hassle, you’re in the right place. Mozillion is the trusted marketplace for mobiles. From Apple to Samsung, Android to Xperia, our sellers list hundreds of brand new and refurbished mobile phones for sale, from all the leading brands.

We help you buy boxed, unopened, SIM-free new phones at incredibly competitive prices. We can hook you up with a second-hand phone that’s in good as new, excellent, or good condition - just choose according to your needs and budget.

We subject every used phone we sell to an exhaustive 90-point lab test. Only once we’ve verified its condition, checked it against a leading lost and stolen register and securely wiped its data, do we ship it to you. We deal with the seller for you, make sure the phone is as described, and bolt on the protection of our free 24-month warranty.

Whether you’re looking for new mobile phone deals, or you want to buy a second-hand phone without the risks and hassle, Mozillion has you covered. But hurry! All of these deals are unique, and once they’re gone they’re gone!

Why buy mobile phones from Mozillion?

If you’re buying a new mobile phone, Mozillion sellers have all the latest models SIM-free and ready to go. From brand new iPhones such as the iPhone 15, through to Google Pixel phones and Samsung mobiles such as the range-topping Galaxy S24 Ultra, find some of the best mobile phone deals available on our marketplace. Make an offer on the phones for sale or buy instantly, and you could get one of the best mobile phone deals out there - just for you!

The Mozillion marketplace also has hundreds of pre-owned mobile phones. Thoroughly vetted, tested, and securely wiped, buying refurbished mobile phones through Mozillion takes the risk out of buying second-hand phones. We deal with the seller for you and we verify the phone’s condition. Only once we’re satisfied do we transfer your funds to the seller and despatch the phone, adding our 24-month guarantee - free.

There really is no cheaper, more secure way to buy a new or second-hand phone. Whether you’ve set your heart on the big-screen iPhone 14 Pro Max, or the pure Android experience of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, we’ve got a choice of great mobile phone deals. On any day, we’ve hundreds of Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones for sale. You can buy the mobile you want, in the condition you can afford, safe in the knowledge that it’ll arrive fully tested and guaranteed.

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