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New & refurbished Google phones for sale

Despite launching the Android operating system back in 2008, Google is a surprisingly niche player when it comes to making actual mobile phones for sale. Often beloved by reviewers and owners alike, Google Pixel phones account for around 5% of UK mobile phone sales. That’s despite solid specifications and unrivalled Android update speeds. All the same, Google Pixel smartphones are a money-saving alternative to Apple or Samsung - especially if you snap up one of the great Google Pixel deals available on our marketplace!

You’ll find Google phone deals on the whole Pixel range. All new Google Pixel phones sold on Mozillion are boxed and unopened - you only need to drop in a SIM card and go. And if you’re more likely to buy a refurbished Google Pixel, you’ll find a wide range of models and conditions to choose from.

We check each second-hand Google Pixel against the leading lost and stolen register, then subject it to an exacting, 90-point labs test. We destroy any data with a certified data wipe, restoring the phone to certified refurbished condition. Only then do we add on the protection of our free 24-month guarantee, meaning you can buy with confidence. So why not browse refurbished Google Pixel deals, and pounce on a bargain today?

Why buy a Google Pixel phone from us?

The Mozillion marketplace is the perfect place to buy a new Google Pixel phone. We have all the latest Google Pixels for sale - from the great value Pixel 7a, up to the range-topping Google Pixel 8 Pro. For each, choose from new condition, or a refurbished Google Pixel phone graded good as new, excellent or good.

Remember that all the mobile phone deals you’ll find at Mozillion are unique: if you like a price, you’ll have to snap it up before someone else does. But don’t worry: whenever you buy a second-hand phone through us, you get the reassurance that it’s been lab tested, securely wiped, and restored to certified refurbished condition. And by adding the protection of our free 24-month warranty, we make sure you have a phone you can trust.

Choosing the best Google smartphone

There aren’t nearly as many Google Pixel smartphones as, say, models in the Samsung Galaxy range. In fact, there are currently just three new Google Pixel phones currently. At the entry level, the Pixel 7a combines solid mid-range features with a highly competitive price. The Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G adds - you guessed it - 5G support, along with a smattering of other features that push it higher up the mid-range.

The high-end Google Pixel 8 Pro somehow manages to cram a 6.7” screen and a huge 5,050mAh battery into an 8.8mm thick phone. Brilliant camera features, 5G support and fast processors mean it’s ideal for gaming, filming, photography or watching video on the go.

Whether you want new Google Pixel deals or you’d rather save more money and buy a refurbished Google Pixel phone, Mozillion can hook you up. Head to our marketplace and you’ll find today’s Google Pixel phones, but also recently discontinued examples like the Pixel 7.

The Google Pixel 7 has many of the high-end features you’d find on the Pixel 8, but you may find people offering it for just a couple of hundred pounds. And remember that whenever you buy a second-hand phone through us, we’ll test it for you, and add on a free 24-month guarantee - free of charge.

Buy a Google Pixel for the quickest Android updates

All this is without mentioning one of the best reasons to buy a Google Pixel phone: it comes with the latest, greatest version of Android. With no clumsy third-party modifications, it’s the purest Android experience.

Pixel phones get monthly bug fixes and feature updates, and are among the first to get major upgrades to new Android releases. Google guarantees that a Pixel phone will receive Android updates for three years from the date it first went on sale. For recent models, that means free, rapid Android version updates until:

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro October 2030
Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro October 2025
Google Pixel 7a May 2026
Google Pixel Fold June 2026
Google Pixel 4 October 2022


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