You sell your iPhone. We boost its value.

The iPhone might be unbeatable on the day you slip it out of the box, but it’s not immortal. Time takes the gloss off even the shiniest toys, and Apple will insist on bringing out newer, better models. But not so fast! Whether you’re thinking it’s time to trade in an iPhone 11, or you want to sell an old iPhone 8, Mozillion helps you get a better price.

Should I trade in my iPhone?

Our marketplace is full of buyers making offers for new and second-hand iPhones. They’ll give you more money than when you sell an old iPhone elsewhere - and our fees are lower than sites like eBay. And if you planned an iPhone trade in for a new one, you’ll have a bigger budget for a better new phone - you can make it go even further when you buy a new iPhone from us!

Why sell an iPhone through us?

The Mozillion marketplace is the ideal way to get the best price for an old iPhone - without all the potential pitfalls of selling to a stranger. We help connect iPhone sellers with people looking to buy a new or second-hand iPhone.

When you sell through us, we deal with the buyer for you - securely wiping your data and verifying your phone before sending it to its new home. Buyers get the peace of mind of our 12-month warranty, and once your old phone passes our checks it’s no longer your problem.

How do I sell my iPhone?

Mozillion buyers want to buy affordable phones on a marketplace they trust. Whether you want to sell an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, or do better than trade in an iPhone X, we can help connect you to people prepared to pay a better rate.

To sell, simply choose your iPhone and answer a few quick questions about its condition - there’s no need to write a lengthy listing or send in any pictures. Now decide whether to Sell Now to the highest current offer, or set an Asking Price: either way, we test and verify your phone, and boost its value further by giving the buyer a 24-month warranty.

We protect you by dealing with the buyer and securely wiping your data. And we stand by your phone, removing the hassle of selling an old iPhone and getting you a much better price.

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