How to Sell

  • ‘Sell Now’ at the buyer’s offer or list your Asking Price.
  • We lab-test, verify and data wipe to refurbished status.
    Plus a 24-month warranty on us, free
  • We pay you and send the phone to the buyer.

Selling explained

There are two ways to market your phone on Mozillion.Test the market for offers by setting your Asking Price, or use ‘Sell Now’: an immediate sale to the current highest offer.

  • For a simple fast sale with no offers, you can choose the ’Sell Now’ price
  • This price is the highest offer in the market at that time
  • If there aren’t any offers at that time, simply name your price and see who bites.
  • Mozillion is a marketplace, matching sellers to buyers.
  • Simply list your phone, its condition and your Asking Price.
  • Meanwhile, buyers may be posting offers for your exact phone.
  • To do a deal, check what you and other sellers are asking, and what buyers are offering. You can tweak your price up or down, and so can the buyers. It’s a market.
  • When your Asking Price matches a buyer’s offer – it’s a deal. The buyer must buy the phone from you, and you must sell it to them.
  • If another seller beats you to a sale, don’t worry. Your listing stays in play, and the next buyer may come along even seconds later.
  • You can list your phone for any duration from 1-30 days
  • Even if you don’t see buyers for your phone right now, list it anyway. You then ‘create a market’ and attract possible new buyers.

Sell your phone today...

inspected We pre-inspect it.
data wiped We verify and data wipe it.
warranty We give it a 24-month buyer’s warranty. Free
buyers In short, we make buyers want to buy.

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