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What is Mozillion for buyers?

  1. It’s a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers of new and refurbished phones.
  2. It’s your choice: buy instantly at the seller’s Asking Price, or make an Offer.
  3. It’s the Mozillion Assured 90-point lab-test, certified data wipe and lost/stolen check before you receive your phone.
  4. It’s no payment taken if your purchase doesn't pass any of our checks.
  5. It’s your phone delivered by Mozillion complete with a 24-month warranty, on us, free.

What is Mozillion for sellers?

  1. It’s a trusted marketplace for sellers and buyers of new and refurbished phones.
  2. It’s boosting your phone’s value from ‘used’ to ‘refurbished’ values with our free 90-point lab test.
  3. It’s you in control: sell instantly at a buyer’s offer, or list your Asking Price.
  4. It’s your phone data wiped, verified and backed by a free 24-month warranty, on us, further boosting its value.
  5. It’s fast, guaranteed payment by Mozillion, and no after-sales obligations or refunds.
  6. It’s you earning far more cash! Enjoy the profit you’d lose selling to online tech traders or networks.

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