You sell your Google phone. We boost its value.

Like other phone manufacturers, Google likes to update its smartphones every year. If you’re jealously eyeing the latest features, or you’ve simply got an old Google Pixel to trade in, we can help. Sell a Google Pixel through Mozillion and you’ll get more than when you sell elsewhere online - and far more than a Google Pixel trade-in.

Should I trade in my Google Pixel?

You’ll get a quick discount when you trade in a Google phone, but you could do so much better. Mozillion buyers pay more for phones they can depend on, from a marketplace they trust. Sell with us instead of trading in an old phone, and you’ll get more to spend on your next phone. And with some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere, you can stretch your budget even further when you buy a new Google Pixel phone from us.

Why sell a Google phone through us?

You want to sell an old Google phone online, but you’ve heard horror stories about shifty buyers and payments that never turned up? Relax - Mozillion brings much-needed trust to the process.

Our marketplace matches new and second-hand phones with buyers looking for a mobile they can depend on. We deal with the buyers, we handle the payments, and we inspect and test every phone. That gives our buyers more confidence, so you can sell a Google phone for more - and our fees are lower, too. Once we’ve verified your phone we’ll send you the money, and it’s out of your hair.

How do I sell my Google Pixel?

It couldn’t be easier to sell a Google Pixel phone with Mozillion. Simply choose your model, select any options and describe the condition - new, pristine, very good or good. You don’t even need to write a listing or take any photos!

If you want to move fast, choose Sell Now to accept the highest market price at that time. Or if you’re happy to wait for a better offer, why not set an Asking Price and see if a buyer will meet it?

Either way, you’ll get far more than when you trade in a Google phone. And because Mozillion protects buyers with a 90-point labs test and a 24-month warranty, they pay more than you’d get when you sell a Google Pixel elsewhere.

Best of all, Mozillion completely removes the hassle from selling a Google Pixel. We deal with the buyer, we securely wipe your data - and once the phone passes our checks it’s no longer your problem.

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