You sell your Samsung phone. We boost its value.

Even the best things go off with age, and the fast pace of Android smartphones means that last year’s must-have can be this year’s also-ran. If you’re thinking of selling a Samsung Galaxy phone, you’re in the right place. We can help you get more for your mobile - whether you want to do better than trade in an old Samsung phone, or you want to sell a new Samsung Galaxy.

Should I trade in my Samsung phone?

As a trade-in, a Samsung phone could secure you a decent discount on a new phone, but you’ll get more when you sell a smartphone on the Mozillion marketplace. We have loads of buyers looking to save money on new, nearly new and second-hand phones like yours.

We’ll deal with the buyer for you, saving the hassle and getting you a better price when you sell a Samsung Galaxy. A better sale gives you a bigger budget for your next phone. And you can make it go even further when you buy a new Samsung phone from us!

Why sell a Samsung Galaxy through us?

You’ve got a Samsung Galaxy to sell, and the internet is full of people who want it. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, plenty can, from fraud to simple time wasting. Mozillion provides a trusted marketplace for mobiles, verifying, testing and wiping phones to add a layer of trust between buyer and seller. Your data is protected, we handle the payments, and buyers will spend more knowing your phone is refurbished and guaranteed by the time it becomes theirs.

We’ll help you sell a Samsung phone for more, and beat any Samsung Galaxy trade in price. We have low fees, so you get to keep more of your money. We deal with the buyer for you, and securely wipe your phone before it goes off to its new life. You end up with more money for a new phone, and you don’t need to worry about the old one.

How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy?

Sell a Samsung phone with Mozillion by choosing your model and any options, then telling us about its condition: new, pristine, very good or good. There’s no need to write a lengthy listing or upload any photos. If speed is more important than getting the best price, Sell Now lets you accept the highest existing offer on our marketplace. To sell a Samsung Galaxy for more, set an Asking Price, and wait for a buyer to offer it.

However you decide to sell, we’ll deal with the buyer for you. Simply send the phone to us, and once it’s passed our checks it’s no longer your problem. We’ll securely wipe it, add on a 24-month warranty, and send it away to an exciting new life.

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