How to Buy

  • Buy it now, or make an offer.
  • We lab-test, verify and data wipe to refurbished status.
    Plus a 24-month warranty on us, free
  • Delivered to your door

Offering & buying explained

There are two ways to nab your perfect next phone. Make an offer for it, or snap it up now by choosing the Buy Now price (if available).

  • Use Buy Now to buy instantly at the lowest asking price
  • This means you don’t have to make an offer or wait, just snap it up on the spot. Deal done.
  • You start by specifying the exact phone you want – then list an offer at the price you’re happy to pay.
  • You can see all the other offers in play in ‘View all offers’ before you set your own offer
  • …meanwhile, multiple sellers may be listing exactly that phone, and their asking price – the asking price they’re happy to sell it for
  • To do a deal, you may need to up your offer. Or sellers may need to lower their price. It’s a market.
  • Finally… when your offer and a seller’s asking price match: it’s a deal. They must sell to you, and you must buy from them.
  • You can tweak your offer up or down, or delete it. But not, of course, after it’s been accepted.
  • If you miss one deal, don’t worry. Your offer stays in play, and the next phone could come up even seconds later.
  • If another buyer matches your offer after you, you get the sale first.
  • You can keep your offer active from 1-30 days.
  • Not seeing the exact phone you want? Make an offer anyway and encourage sellers to offer one to sell. This is called ‘making a market’.

Browse & Buy today...

covered Covered 24-months’ warranty, free
inspected Inspected The merciless Mozillion 90-point check
secured Returns 30-day no
protect Protect Refurbished phones help our planet
klarna Flexible Buy now or spread the cost over 3-24 months

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