You sell your mobile. We boost its value.

Mozillion helps you sell an old phone for more without the hassle and risks of finding a buyer. Whether you’re upgrading an old mobile or selling an old phone, our marketplace will help you do more than beat the trade-in values offered by the likes of EE, Vodafone or O2.

From recent models like the Google Pixel 8 Pro or Apple iPhone 14, to the very latest iPhone 15 or Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can sell your phone for more with Mozillion. In fact we guarantee it.

Why sell old phones through Mozillion?

Our mobile marketplace has hundreds of shoppers, all looking to buy a used mobile phone. Protected by our anti-fraud checks, hardware tests and free 24-month warranty, they’re happy to pay a fair price to secure a recent mobile phone.

Whether you’re selling your Samsung or offloading your iPhone, we take the hassle out of finding a buyer, agreeing a price and making the sale. Our marketplace helps you sell your old mobile phone for more, and the buyer gets a certified refurbished phone that we’re ready to stand by.

Your phone will sell for more on Mozillion compared to trading it in, or we’ll give you the difference plus an extra £5.

So dig your old iPhone 13 out of the cupboard, dust off your Samsung Galaxy S22, and set your asking price. Let us show you how to get the best price for an old smartphone!

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