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Best small iPhone

You don’t need a big phone to get a good mobile, but if you want a truly small one, it’ll need to be an iPhone. Apple’s recent lineup includes three great small phones: the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE (2022). You can buy them all new or second-hand, but which should you choose? Find out in our guide to the best small iPhone.

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Best phone for older users

Not everybody demands the best performance from a mobile. Older users in particular often prefer simplicity and a low price. Which are the best phones for the elderly? Find out in our guide.

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Best phone for kids

Phones are a great way for busy families to keep in touch. But when it comes to the kids, picking the right phone is a tricky balance of budget, features and durability. Our guide to the best phones for kids helps you choose, and gives you pointers on keeping your kids safe online.

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Best folding phones

What if you don’t fancy a cold, hard slab of technology cluttering up your pocket? What if you want a big screen, without the big package? Folding phones combine full-size features with pint-size pocketability – and throw in some style for good measure. Find your perfect folder in our guide to the best folding phones.

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Best old phones

Not everyone wants to spend top-dollar on the latest phones. Buying something a little older can save you a bundle, or get you a much better phone on a smaller budget. If you’re looking to stretch your money further, check out our guide to the best old phones.

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Best big phones

If you’re into gaming, movies or TV, you probably want a phone that shares your interest. A bigger screen gives you a wider sight of the battlefield, and a better view of whatever you’re streaming. So which big phones are best? Check out our best big phones guide.

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Latest reviews

Apple iPhone 13 mini review

The iPhone 12 mini was almost perfect if you wanted a smaller phone. With the iPhone 13 mini, Apple’s made it even better. Is this the best small phone you can buy? Find out in our iPhone 13 mini review

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Apple iPhone 13 review

Why mess with perfection? The iPhone 13 offers only minor updates from the iPhone 12. So is it worth buying over a reconditioned iPhone 12? Find out in our iPhone 13 review

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro review

The iPhone 13 is the best mainstream iPhone yet, but the iPhone 13 Pro smashes it out of the ballpark. With a stunning camera, processor and screen, is it the best iPhone ever? Find out in our iPhone 13 Pro review

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Apple iPhone 12 review

The iPhone 12 may be the everyday model in the iPhone 12 lineup, but it’s far from an ordinary phone. Read our iPhone 12 review to discover why it might be all the phone you need.

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Apple iPhone 12 mini review

The iPhone 12 mini has always crammed grown up iPhone features into a genuinely smaller phone. The iPhone 13 launch means it’s no longer the latest thing, but is it still worth having? Find out in our iPhone 12 mini review

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro review

If you want better features than an iPhone 12, but don’t have an iPhone 13 budget, the iPhone 12 Pro is ideal. Our iPhone 12 Pro review explains it all

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Rumours/Future Phones

Samsung Galaxy S23 rumours

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is brilliant, but Samsung’s other Galaxy S22 models were a pretty restrained update of the Galaxy S21. We’re hoping for much better from the next generation phone: here’s a roundup of the Samsung Galaxy S23 rumours.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 rumours

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 5G was just about the king of folding phones, but time moves fast. As competitors snap at its heels, the Galaxy Z Fold4 needs to take a convincing step forward. Here’s everything we know about Samsung’s next folder.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 rumours

With the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Samsung built maybe the perfect flip phone. But with the competition catching up, the next model needs to be something special. Here’s what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

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iPhone 14 rumours

Apple has the habit of replacing its main iPhone models every year – usually around September. As the rumour mill spins up and launch day draws nearer, here’s everything we know about the iPhone 14.

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Google Pixel 6a rumours

While flagship phones get all the fanfare and glory, Google has a habit of turning out excellent budget versions of its Pixel range. Will the Pixel 6a be another winner, or will it be US and Japan-only like the Pixel 5a? Here’s everything we know about the Google Pixel 6a.

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Latest Apps & Games guides

Best kids’ mobile games

Whether your children need a challenge, entertainment – or you just need a break, a mobile game for kids will keep them occupied for hours. But while some are corkers, others are full of ads and micropurchases. Avoid the chaff with our guide to kids’ mobile games.

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Best mobile games

Best mobile games lists are all very well, but they tend to recommend the same tried and tested games. What if you’ve tried them all and crave something different? Check out our best mobile games guide, combining the best mainstream games with some properly off-piste picks.

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Best parenting apps

Lord knows it can be a challenge looking after kids. Bedtimes can be brutal, health can be a headache, and playtime can be a pain in the backside. But smartphones can make things easier, entertaining kids with games, and helping the grownups with advice, trackers and other functions. What are the best parenting apps? Check out our guide.

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Best mobile word games

There’s something about word games that makes them particularly compelling – and often horribly addictive. If you’re in search of inspiration, or you just have a few minutes to kill, our best mobile word game guide will help you find a challenge.

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Best health and fitness apps

Your smartphone might be the best bit of health and fitness equipment you ever buy. With apps to help you get fit, watch your diet, track exercise, or manage your mental health, your phone can help you get and stay well. But which are the must-haves, and which can you skip? Check out our best health and fitness apps guide.

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