Which Samsung Phones Are Compatible With Galaxy AI? 03/06/24

by Holly, Team Mozillion

Samsung Galaxy AI compatible devices

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With the launch of the new Galaxy S24 series of phones came the unveiling of Samsung’s latest Artificial Intelligence platform – Galaxy AI.

Promising to revolutionise the way we use our phones, Galaxy AI boasts all kinds of AI-powered new features including Circle to Search, Live Translate and a variety of clever editing tools for photos and video.

Clearly the expectation is that the very latest Galaxy smartphones are able to access all of the features available from Galaxy AI, but what about other, slightly older Samsung phones?

We’ve pulled together a list of all the phones that will have access to the following new AI features:

Circle to Search

Circle, highlight, scribble on or tap anything on the screen for superior search results whether it is a landmark in the background of a post or an engaging fact

Chat Assist

Craft elegant responses to friends and family for your message in a style of your choosing.


Interpret what someone is saying using a split-screen view that updates live as you both speak in different languages.

Live Translate

Translate a conversation you are having with someone speaking another language in real time.

Note Assist

Generated summaries, pre-made templates and cover creations that show a quick note preview so it is easy to find.

Transcript Assist

Uses AI and Speech-To-Text technology to transcribe, summarise and even translate recordings. Great for meeting minutes.

Browsing Assist

Summarises long articles into bitesize highlights.

Instant Slow-Mo

Tap the screen to slow down almost any regular video.

Generative Edit

Intuitively fills in backgrounds of photos that you are editing.

Edit Suggestion

Does as it says on the tin offering intelligent suggestions for pictures.

AI-Generated Wallpaper

Create endless unique artwork from your imagination with the help of prompts and templates.

These phones will get all of the above Galaxy AI features:

Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

These phones will get all of the above AI features in May 2024, apart from Instant Slow-Mo:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung Galaxy Flip 4, Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

These phones will get Circle to Search and Chat Assist in May 2024:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

These Samsung tablets will get all of the Galaxy AI features:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE.

These Samsung tablets will get all of the Galaxy AI features apart from Instant Slow-Mo:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

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