You sell your Motorola phone. We boost its value.

A new mobile phone is wonderful, right up to the point where you realise you’re missing a feature. And even if you still love your old Motorola mobile, an ageing spec or battery means you might still have an eye on its replacement. Whether your Razr no longer cuts it, or you just want to sell an old Motorola phone, you’re in the right place.

We can help you sell a Motorola phone more quickly, and with less hassle. Our trusted mobile marketplace helps you get a better price, and protects you from pitfalls such as dodgy buyers or payments that never show up. We’ll wipe your data, and once your phone passes our checks it’s somebody else’s problem.

Should I trade in my Motorola phone?

Buying a new mobile? It’s the easiest thing in the world to chuck in your old one for a discount. But while trading in a Motorola phone is easy, you’ll rarely get your phone’s true value. Our marketplace lets you sell a Motorola phone for what it’s really worth. You’ll get more money, and the freedom to spend it however you want.

Why sell a Motorola phone through us?

The Mozillion marketplace connects genuine buyers looking for good quality mobile phones, with honest sellers who want a fair price. By checking, wiping and guaranteeing every second-hand phone for sale, we help boost the value of your phone, and add a much needed layer of trust to the whole process.

Selling through Mozillion means cutting out the hassle when you sell your Motorola phone. We’ll deal with the buyer for you, we’ll securely wipe your data, and you don’t even need to spend ages writing an advert. You sell a phone for more money - and with Mozillion’s low fees, you get to keep more of it.

How do I sell my Motorola phone?

We make it incredibly easy to sell a Motorola phone. Simply choose your model, tell us about any options, and tick whether it’s in new, nearly new, very good or good condition. There’s no need to take photos or write your own listing.

Next, simply decide whether to Sell Now and accept the best offer currently going, or name your Asking Price and wait for someone to meet it. Either way, once you’ve found a buyer we make it easy for you to send us your phone - and once it’s passed our checks, we’ll make sure you get paid promptly.

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