You sell your OnePlus phone. We boost its value.

Nothing beats a new mobile phone. Which is why, as new models come out and everyday life takes its toll, an old one can lose its gloss. Maybe you want to upgrade your OnePlus phone, or maybe you want to sell a OnePlus phone that’s already gathering dust? Either way, you’re in the right place.

Mozillion is the marketplace for mobile phones. We protect buyers and sellers from the wild west of classified sites and listing sites, adding a much-needed layer of trust. Our low rates and secure data wipe mean that sellers stay secure and keep more of their money. And our comprehensive checks and 24-month guarantee mean buyers have confidence - so they’ll pay more to get a OnePlus phone they can trust.

Should I trade in my OnePlus phone?

Sure, you could trade in a OnePlus phone and maybe get some money off a new smartphone. Or you could sell a OnePlus Phone through us, and get real money you can use for whatever you want. Our marketplace is full of sellers looking to secure new, nearly-new and second-hand phones, so you’ll get the best price. And if you’re looking to buy a new OnePlus phone, we can help you save even more.

Why sell a OnePlus phone through us?

Selling a mobile phone can be a nightmare. By the time you’ve created a listing, batted away timewasters, haggled over money and faffed around with couriers, you might end up with far less than you expected. It’s no better when you trade-in an old mobile, with some sellers happy to offer you £100s less than your phone’s actually worth.

We’re different. Mozillion’s marketplace is full of genuine buyers, looking for mobile phones they can trust. We securely wipe, test, and check the condition of every second-hand OnePlus phone, so buyers are protected, and sellers get a much better price.

And the hassle? Selling an old OnePlus phone through Mozillion is a breeze. We deal with the buyer and securely, permanently wipe your data. Once your phone passes our checks, it’s no longer your problem.

How do I sell my OnePlus phone?

It couldn’t be easier to sell a OnePlus phone through Mozillion. Simply select your model, tell us about any options, and choose whether it’s in new, pristine, very good or good condition. There’s no need to submit photos or write a listing.

Next, pick whether to Sell Now and get the highest current offer for that phone, or set an Asking Price and wait until someone offers it. Either way, our checks and protections mean you’ll get a better price, and our low rates mean you’ll keep more of it.

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