You sell your Sony phone. We boost its value.

If you’ve ever tried to sell a mobile phone before, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the effort. From hassles like creating a listing or batting away timewasters, to the worry of risks like payment fraud, it’s no wonder so many old mobiles are simply left to gather dust.

But things are different when you sell a Sony mobile phone with Mozillion. Our marketplace adds a much-needed layer of trust between buyer and seller. We subject every second-hand Sony phone to extensive diagnostics, securely wiping their data as we restore them to certified refurbished condition.

We boost your phone’s value, deal with the seller and stand by your sale. We help you sell a Sony phone for more money - and our low fees mean you keep more of it.

Should I trade in my Sony phone?

Trading in an old Sony phone can get you a neat discount off a new one, but Mozillion can help you do much better. Before you trade in an old phone, discover how much more you could get on the Mozillion marketplace. Buyers on Mozillion pay more than the trade in rates you’d get from EE, O2, Vodafone or Three. So you get more to spend - and it goes even further if you decide to buy a new Sony phone through us!

Why sell a Sony phone through us?

Selling an unwanted mobile can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Creating a listing, answering queries, haggling over money, then waiting for payments to show up - you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s easier to trade in a Sony phone. But Mozillion cuts out the hassle and removes the risks when you sell a Sony phone, helping you get much more than trade in prices.

Mozillion’s marketplace adds the missing layer of trust to buying and selling a Sony mobile phone. We stand between buyers and sellers, helping both complete a transaction in confidence. We protect buyers and sellers from fraud, checking every phone sold against the leading lost and stolen register. And we only despatch your phone when the seller has paid, making sure you aren’t left out of pocket.

By subjecting every phone to an exacting 90-point diagnostic test, then securely destroying all data with a certified wipe, we boost the value of your phone. Buyers pay more for a certified refurbished phone, and you get more to spend on your next phone - or anything else you want.

How do I sell my Sony phone?

It’s far quicker to sell a Sony phone on Mozillion than through other listings sites. Simply choose your model and tell us about any options such as colour or memory size. Next, tell us whether it’s new and unboxed, or a second-hand phone in pristine, very good or good condition. There’s no need to take photos, and no need to write a listing.

All that remains is to choose whether to Sell Now to the highest existing marketplace offer, or to name your Asking Price. Either way, when you find a buyer, we’ll deal with them for you, securely wiping your phone and making sure you get paid as soon as it passes our tests.

Less time, less hassle, more money - simple. Sell a Sony phone with us.

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