iPhone 15 Pro Review | Nice Upgrade 05/01/24

Jake from Mozillion took the iPhone 15 Pro for a test drive at the football (Chelsea vs Arsenal to be specific), here’s how he got on.


I got hold of the brand new, titanium Apple iPhone 15 Pro from Mozillion and took it into London to review it.

After capturing a wealth of impressive footage with all of the cameras and testing the video features on the way to the match, during the game, in the dark as well as during the day, my mission was to decide if the phone is worthy of your cash and should you upgrade your iPhone to this model.


When it comes to design, Apple are making a big deal of the fact that their latest Pro is made from titanium which makes it a lot lighter than previous Pro models. Apple is adding bigger and bigger batteries to their higher spec phones which, although great for battery life, can make these phones significantly heavier. This extra weight is beautifully counter-balanced by the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro has an aerospace-grade titanium design resulting not only in a lighter phone but also the perfect touch and feel.

Speed and Power

Speed-wise, iPhones are always updating their processors and are traditionally very fast as a result. The 15 Pro has gone one step further this year by including the A7 Pro processor which enables something very interesting – you can play full console-quality games on your iPhone now. And not just the older, retro console games, we’re talking full ‘PlayStation 5 quality’ games.


The spec on the iPhone 15 Pro’s camera is almost identical to the 14 Pro. Both have a triple lens set up, with a 48 megapixel main camera and 3x telephoto zoom.

There is a new anti-reflective coating on the iPhone 15 Pro’s ultrawide lens which means photos taken at night should like slightly better, but overall the hardware is very similar on both phones.
In practice, both phones produce very similar results that you’ll be hard pushed to spot the difference. Both produce great photos and I was really pleased with how the 15 Pro handled everything I threw at it, but overall the results were pretty much as impressive on the 14 Pro.

USB-C comes to iPhone


We also need to talk about the hot topic on the latest iPhone Pro which is the switch on the bottom to USB-C. You probably already have a lot of USB-C cables in your house so now you don’t have to go and look for a different cable for your iPhone anymore. Plus this feature makes the iPhone 15 Pro even faster. I’m not talking about the processor speed this time, I’m talking about when you want to transfer photo and video files from your 15 Pro to your laptop to edit them.

That Action button

Apple has also added an ‘action button’ this year which replaces the mute switch on the side of the phone, and you can register it to do pretty much anything you want. I’ve got mine registered to ‘do not disturb’ but you can change it to whatever you need to or just use it for what you were originally using it for which is putting the phone on ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’. Videographers may want to change it to something like ‘camera’ for example. You can also change it to a more basic shortcut such as the torch.


Let’s return to battery life which is now not really anything you have to worry about with the Pro series. After using the iPhone 15 Pro for a few days, the battery was initially worrying me slightly but over time it has definitely improved and I’m now getting a near full two days of use with the iPhone 15 Pro even when using a lot of intensive apps.

Final Thoughts


Some final thoughts on the iPhone 15 Pro. As I said earlier, it is most definitely the most beautifully designed phone I’ve ever held in my hands. If that’s important to you, it’s possibly worth the upgrade. There are other features that have been updated this year too but they aren’t significant upgrades. You’ve still got the same Dynamic Island as last year. The ‘action button’ is new and there are some additional upgrades to the camera but whether that’s all worth the upgrade is down to you.

Personally, I would say if you currently own a 14 Pro, maybe even a 13 Pro, it’s not the time to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro. However, if you own something slightly older, I do think there are enough worthwhile new features around the cameras and process to upgrade, plus the phone is just so good looking. Apple this year didn’t shout that much about all the amazing new features. They were very big on the titanium design and the action button and these are the two things I’ve enjoyed most on the 15 Pro to be honest.

Overall, I have to say I love the iPhone 15 Pro. It is an incredible device and if you’re looking to get a 15 Pro you can head straight to Mozillion to grab one. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then a 14 Pro (or even a 13 Pro or 12 Pro) is still an excellent buy, even in 2024. Plus, every phone is rigorously tested before it’s sent out to you plus you get a 24 month warranty. You can also sell your current phone on Mozillion, usually at much better prices than you get versus trading-in.