How To Transfer Everything From Old iPhone to New 19/04/24

Got yourself a new (or refurbished) iPhone? Here’s how you transfer all your data from your current iPhone over to your new one.

This is the best method if you have both your old and your new iPhone available at the same time.

Follow these steps or watch the video below.

  1. Grab your new iPhone, turn it on and follow the on screen steps to select your language and region, then your display size.
  2. You’ll get to the quick start screen next and at this point we grab our old iPhone.
  3. When you put both phones close together your old iPhone will show this popup that says ‘set up new iPhone’ – go ahead and press continue and let the two iPhone connect wirelessly.
  4. Next we’ll get an image on the new device and the camera app will open on your old iPhone.
  5. Pick up your old iPhone and focus the camera over the image that is showing on the new iPhone and the two phones will pair.
  6. Press ‘set up for me’ on the old iPhone and let it get to work.
  7. You’ll need to enter your old passcode if you had one.
  8. Keep your old iPhone close by while the new one activates and you’ll need to go through the normal privacy setting options until you get to the transfer your data screen.
  9. Tap transfer from iPhone on your older device and the process will begin to finish up.
  10. You’ll then be signed on to the newer device, tap continue and follow the remaining set up options on screen.
  11.  The transfer process will continue and you’ll arrive on the transfer complete page once it has finished and everything has been moved over to your new iPhone.
  12. You can then choose to erase your old iPhone if you wish (if you’re then going to sell it on Mozillion :)).
  13. The new iPhone will finish restoring and then reboot – after that you have successfully moved the data from iPhone to iPhone
  14. Be sure go to your settings on your new iPhone and check your Apple ID is showing at the top and you’ll know it’s been successful.

Note: If you only have your old iPhone available because you’re waiting for your new one to arrive, then there is a different process you can use via iCloud which you’ll find here.

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