How To Move Your Data From iPhone to iPhone via iCloud 19/04/24

Here’s how to move your data from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud. This particular method is handy if you only have one iPhone available at a time, for example you’re selling your old iPhone and you’re waiting on a new one.

If you have both phones available at the same time, there is a different proces you can follow which you’ll find here.

Follow these steps or watch the video below.

  1. Open your settings app on the iPhone you want to move data from.

  2. Once you’re there, tap your Apple ID at the top and you’ll see an option that says iCloud. Tap that and you have a few options – we want iCloud backup so head in there.

  3. You’ll see a button that says backup now with the latest backup time underneath.  Hit that and it will begin to upload all your data to iCloud. This may take some time depending on how much you have stored on your iPhone.

  4. Once that’s done your data is backed up to iCloud and you’re ready to go, but one extra step if you’re trading or selling your older iPhone is to head back to settings then go to General, scroll down and go to transfer or reset iPhone to clear your data from your phone.

  5. Now we’ll move on to our new iPhone and downloading your old iPhone’s data onto it.

  6. On your new iPhone, one you’re powered on you’ll see Apple’s ‘hello’ screen – swipe up to open and choose your language, region and select the display size you’d like.

  7. Then on the quick start screen select ‘set up with another device’.

  8. Connect to a wifi network and your iPhone will then take a couple of minutes to activate.

  9. Next you’ll be taken through some privacy options like sharing data and setting a passcode – follow these steps.

  10. You’ll then arrive at the transfer apps and data screen.  Here we want to select ‘from iCloud backup’.

  11. Sign in with the same iCloud account you had on your previous iPhone.

  12. If you have another Apple device like an iPad or Mac, you may also be asked for a security code.

  13. Your iCloud account will then sign in and you’ll get to pick which iCloud backup we want to download.

  14. We’re obviously going to use the one we made just before with our previous iPhone.

  15. Select continue on the next screen and you’ll get a couple of options regarding updates and extras like Siri setting – choose your preferences here.

  16. Your iPhone will then begin restoring from iCloud which may take some time depending on the amount of data it needs to download.

  17. After a quick auto reboot, your iCloud backup is downloaded and the data successfully moved to your new iPhone – you also get a notification letting you know it has completed.

  18. To be sure, go to your settings and check your Apple ID is showing at the top and you’re ready to go!

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