How To Clean the iPhone Charging Port (USB & Lightning) 19/04/24

Here’s how to clean the charging port on an iPhone – this trick works for both USB-C and Lightning charger ports. We’ll show you the cleaning method for both lightning and USB-C ports.  Handy if your charging cable is struggling to connect or fully insert into the port. Quite often there is some dirt or fluff trapped in there.

You’ll need your iPhone, a standard toothpick and a can of pressurised air (you can buy this online or at hardware/DIY stores).

Follow these steps or watch the video below.

  1. First up, iPhones with Lightning ports (the steps for USB-C iPhones are very similar but note step 6 too).

  2. Grab your phone and the pressurised air can.  Don’t spray the air too close to the port as it may damage it – around an inch away is perfect.

  3. Spray some air into the port to dislodge any dirt or dust that has gotten inside.

  4. Grab your toothpick and very carefully touch on the upper and lower part of the ports to pick up the bits of dirt and fluff that may still be there.  Avoid touching the sides of the port as this may damage them.

  5. After a couple of attempts you should have cleared the port if you are having any issues with your charger not fitting in correctly this should resolve the issue.

  6. If you iPhone has a USB-C port, you’ll follow the same process above using the air duster around an inch away from the port to dislodge any dirt or dust, then grab your toothpick and very carefully touch on either side to remove any excess. You can use a slight circular motion but be careful not to touch the central part of the USB-C charging port as this may damage it.

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