What’s New With Android 14? 04/01/24

By Holly, Mozillion Team

Android 14 has arrived, and whilst that doesn’t mean it becomes immediately available on every phone model that can support it, it has started to roll out. So what exciting new features can you expect if your phone gets the update?

Android 14 has a strong focus on Google’s generative AI support with Material You getting a big boost from Android 12 and 13. You can build wallpapers, add new lock screens and there are big improvements on app functionality specifically for the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, and all Android tablets in general.

Lock Screen Customisation


Personalising your phone is all the rage and Android 14 will enable users to choose the style, size and colours of the clock on the lock screen as well as shortcuts. You could choose Google Wallet, do not disturb, mute, a QR code scanner, smart home device controls, a flashlight or video call shortcuts depending on what you use the most.

Satellite Communication Potential

A fantastic backup for emergencies. Android 14 has the software built into it to support this feature but it will be down to phone makers to equip their devices with all the necessary hardware to make it possible to use satellite communication for when there is no cellular signal.

Better Security


Android 14 is equipped to stop users from sideloading apps that could be riddled with security issues. It does this by stopping users from going to 3rd party stores to get apps that were built for old versions of Android. These apps are not secure as hackers target flaws in the earlier operating system app versions causing all kinds of problems. There is also more security around accessibility services like Google Talkback app which will now have to qualify their intention. This will limit apps that use false pretences to trick users into transferring money and the like. Android 14 is also bringing in full support for passkeys which are a more secure alternative to passwords that use sets of encryption keys.

Regional Preferences


You can also customise your preferred temperature units, first day of the week, calendar, etc depending on where you live, work or your region.

Health Connect

Android 14 is now integrated into this platform so you can see all the data from between your health and fitness apps in one place.

Font Scaling

This feature helps low-vision users by using a non-linear scaling curve to scale up smaller text up to 200 percent while keeping already large text the same size.

App Security

Apps that you didn’t personally install are known as ‘bloatware’ and can be added without your permission or pre-installed, sometimes including viruses. Android 14 allows you to keep on top of these. There is also improved security around data sharing so you can see exactly what an app wants access to and why and then decide if you want to grant permission.

Magic Compose

Magic Compose allows you to be much more creative with your message responses by suggesting alternatives depending on your chosen category e.g. Chill or Lyrical.


Pixel users will be able to get creative with their wallpaper using up to 14 different emojis, different patterns and colours to design their own using Android 14. There are also AI generated wallpapers you can use depending on the prompts you give it.

Auto-Confirm PINS

For PINS of at least 6 digits, this basically means that you don’t have to press enter after you have tapped it in, the phone just recognises it and proceeds.

Help For The Hard Of Hearing

Users that are hard of hearing will be able to use the phone’s camera flash as a notification light with Android 14.