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Sell an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Nothing beat an iPhone 12 Pro until the


Sell an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Nothing beat an iPhone 12 Pro until the iPhone 13 Pro came along. It’s still a great phone, but if you’re thinking of updating - or even if you just fancy a change - we can help you sell an iPhone 12 Pro for more.

“Ah,” we hear you ask, “but shouldn’t I trade in my iPhone 12 Pro?” That’s the obvious move when you’re upgrading, but you can get far more than trade-in price by selling your phone on the Mozillion marketplace. And if you’re buying, our new and refurbished phone deals help your money go even further. Allow us to explain...

The Mozillion marketplace links people who want to sell their smartphone with buyers looking to get their hands on a quality mobile phone. You can either Sell Now to the highest current bid, or set an Asking Price and wait for somebody to offer it. Either way, we subject every phone sold on our marketplace to an industry-leading inspection and verification, before adding on the security of a 12-month warranty. Buyers get the peace of mind of a certified refurbished phone, so you get a fair price rather than a trade-in compromise.

How do I sell my iPhone 12 Pro?

It couldn’t be easier to sell an iPhone 12 Pro on Mozillion. There’s no need to write a description or take any photos, and we protect your data and identity throughout. Simply tell us more about your iPhone 12 Pro: is it gold or graphite, blue or silver? Did you make do with 128GB, or stretch to 256 or 512GB? Is it tied to a network, or unlocked and ready to go anywhere?

Next, tell us what condition it’s in. If it’s completely unmarked, that’s Pristine. Maybe there’s a cosmetic mark, but you can’t see it at arm’s length: that’s V. Good. If there are marks that you can still see at a distance, that’s still Good, so long as they’re not actual dents or cracks. You never took it out of the box? What’s wrong with you?? Oh, and that’s Brand New.

Finally, decide whether to Sell Now, or hold out for an Asking price. When the marketplace matches you with a buyer, your phone is sold and we’ll take care of the rest. Simple!

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