The Mozillion App Trends Report 2022 12/05/22

All the way back in 2009 Apple launched a commercial which coined the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ and now, over a decade later, we’re firmly in the era of there being multiple apps for that.

There are so many in fact, that a lot can change in the app store charts in a matter of months – and as quick as some apps reach the summit of the charts, they can quickly fall out of favour with smartphone users.

So, as we’re already halfway through the year, we decided to take a look at which apps have boomed in the first half of the year, and which are quickly getting forgotten about.

Before we get to the apps themselves, we wanted to find out which categories are currently the most dominant. Are more people in search of health and fitness apps than they are for shopping apps, or has the rise in cost of living resulted in more of us turning to money management apps?

We analysed Google search data between the tail end of 2021 and now, and found that dating apps ranked far above any other type of app. Be it Hinge, Tinder, Bumble or old favourites such as OKCupid, there was an average of almost half a million monthly searches for dating apps in the first half of the year. Maybe more people are looking to get back out there and meet people after years locked down due to the pandemic?

The rise in interest in trading, especially within the Gen Z and millennial markets, places stocks and shares apps such as eToro, SoFi and Vanguard, as the second most popular app category of the moment.

Elsewhere, the enduring popularity of photo and video sharing apps such as Instagram and TikTok have no doubt influenced the likes of photo editing and video apps being so regularly searched for, while the super-fast processing speeds of devices like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Google Pixel 6 Pro place gaming apps firmly in the top five. If you’re a fan of gaming, check out our guide on the best gaming phones.

Rank App Category Monthly Google Search Volume (Oct ’21 – Mar ’22)
1 Dating 450,000
2 Stocks 246,000
3 Photo editing 246,000
4 Games 135,000
5 Music 135,000
6 Photography 135,000
7 Video 110,000
8 Weather 110,000
9 Betting 49,500
10 Design 49,500

2022’s Fastest Growing Apps

So that’s the different kinds of apps that are proving the most popular overall as we reach the halfway point of 2022, but what about individual apps? Looking at a similar timescale of late 2021 to spring ’22 and with the help of app intelligence tool Sensor Tower, we were able to pinpoint which apps had seen the most positive shifts in the app store over this time period, as well as those that have already fallen out of favour.
Starting with those that are booming in 2022, video chat app Lobby is leading the way. Launched midway through 2021, it’s only recently that the app, which enables groups of friends to hangout while gaming, watching videos or listening to music together, has moved out of the App Store wilderness and seen the greatest amount of growth in chart rankings.

Interestingly, the entire top three is made up of modern, more intimate forms of social networking, with first place app Lobby followed by two photo sharing apps. LiveIn provides a much more personal way to share photos than the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, with users being able to share photos directly to a select group of friends or family’s home screens. BeReal, on the other hand, is the latest social media phenomenon to be taking the world by storm. Launched back in 2020, it’s now in 2022 that the app is making headlines, with it aiming to go against the grain of the often hyper-edited world of Instagram, and require users to share an image a day of their ‘real’ lives.

Elsewhere, the prominence of mobile gaming is easily evident, with multiple games being some of the fastest growing apps of the year, including both the 2021 and most recent 2022 iterations of the Football Manager games.

With COVID restrictions easing around the world, travel apps are also seeing a resurgence, with the Jet2Holidays, easyJet and Ryanair apps all being some of the fastest growing so far this year.

Rank App Free/Paid? Increase in App Store Chart Position (Oct ’21 – Apr ’22)
1 Lobby Free 999
2 LiveIn Free 999
3 BeReal Free 998
4 Deliver It 3D Free 997
5 Rovio Classics £0.89 996
6 obimy Free 996
7 Football Manager 2022 Mobile £8.99 994
8 Fill The Fridge! Free 991
9 Global Player Free 988
10 Wordle! Free 986
11 Heads Up! £0.99 983
12 Football Manager 2021 Mobile £8.99 983
13 Truth Social Free 980
14 Jet2Holidays Free 975
15 ChirpOMatic £3.49 973
16 Tall Man Run Free 973
17 Total War: MEDIEVAL II £12.99 971
18 Baby Led Weaning Recipes £4.99 968
19 Warblr: Identify UK bird songs £4.49 967
20 Little League Rulebook £1.79 967
21 Vrbo Vacation Rentals Free 965
22 Cleanup Free 962
23 PictureThis Free 961
24 Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 £2.49 959
25 easyJet Free 959
26 Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games £1.79 958
27 Super Goal – Soccer Stickman Free 955
28 Coffee Inc 2 £1.79 953
29 FILCA – SLR Film Camera £3.49 952
30 Chase Free 951
31 Worms3 £0.89 950
32 Labyrinth City £4.49 949
33 Convenience Stories £4.99 947
34 Impulse – Brain Training Free 946
35 CSCS Card Test Revision 2022 £5.99 945
36 Ryanair Free 944
37 Fishdom Free 942
38 Coloring Match Free 940
39 Papa’s Cluckeria £1.79 939
40 Slay the Spire £8.99 938
41 Vector Full £0.89 937
42 iScore5 APHG £4.49 936
43 Fill The Fridge! Free 936
44 A-level Sociology £1.79 932
45 Escapists 2 £0.89 928
46 PDG PROmote 2021-2023 £25.99 925
47 Talk TV Free 925
48 Airport Security Free 924
49 VeriFLY Free 923
50 Bacon – The Game Free 923

The Most Consistent Apps in 2022

From the hundreds of different apps included in our research, almost all had unsurprisingly shown some sort of increase or decrease in their charting position, however some apps have stayed completely stable with their position in the App Store.

One such app included Minecraft, one of the most lucrative video game franchises of all time, which was also revealed as the most searched for mobile game in the world in our recent Mobile Gaming Report. Driving theory test apps also remained consistent, showing the knock-on effect of the pandemic, with the backlog of driving tests still rolling on.

App Free/Paid? Increase/Decrease in App Store Chart Position (Oct ’21 – Apr ’22)
Minecraft £5.99 0
Theory Test 4 £4.99 0
Official DVSA Theory Test Kit £4.99 0
Forest – Your Focus Motivation £3.49 0
Antenna Finder £0.99 0
Papa’s Pizzeria £0.89 0

The Apps That Have Lost The Most Ground in 2022

On the other end of the scale, some apps have been quick to fall out of favour with smartphone users. While most are casual and hyper casual games which tend to have an extremely short shelf life and are picked up and then dropped by players in quick succession, the largest drops in popularity do shine a light on some of the big changes the world has seen at the start of the year.

Most notably, there’s yet another signal from our findings that a post-pandemic world is taking shape. The £76 million NHS COVID-19 app has dropped 933 places in the app store charts since the tail end of 2021, while there’s also a hint that the pandemic-inspired home improvement boom is reaching its end. Dropping 923 positions on average between the UK and US, the Construction Master Pro Calculator which is widely used for various renovation projects has lost its popularity – replaced by the spikes in downloads for the travel related apps we mentioned earlier, as people return to enjoying their lives outside of their homes.

Rank App Free/Paid? Decrease in App Store Chart Position (Oct ’21 – Apr ’22)
1 Fox Weather Free -999
2 Traffic Cop 3D Free -999
3 Retro Bowl Free -998
4 Paper Fold Free -996
5 Moon Pioneer Free -994
6 NHS Scotland COVID Status Free -991
7 Side+ Free -986
8 Flex Run 3D Free -985
9 Candy Challenge 3D Free -983
10 Watersort Puzzle Free -978
11 A Theory Test Kit, Hazard Perception and Highway Code App Bundle Free -978
12 YouTubers Life £7.99 -977
13 MAD FUT 22 Draft & Pack Free -977
14 Shot Factor Free -976
15 Turn Left!! Free -975
16 Keyboard Art Free -972
17 Zen Match Free -966
18 Water Sort Puzzle Free -964
19 Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 £21.99 -953
20 Stacky Dash Free -951
21 Call of Duty Free -950
22 Magic Tiles 3 Free -950
23 ScreenKit Free -949
24 Carbs & Cals Free -949
25 Stone Miner Free -946
26 GoodNotes 5 Free -944
27 The Cube £1.79 -941
28 Survival Challenge 3D Free -939
29 Escalators Free -936
30 NHS COVID-19 Free -933
31 Zoom Out 3D! Free -931
32 Cookie Run: Kingdom Free -930
33 Bubble Buster 2048 Free -930
34 Dhar Mann Free -929
35 Fun with Ragdolls £4.99 -928
36 Fidget Toy Maker Free -926
37 SkyView £2.49 -926
38 NOAA Weather Radio Free -925
39 Popular Girls Free -925
40 Free -924
41 Free -924
42 Toca Life: Neighbourhood Free -924
43 Construction Master Pro Calc Free -923
44 The Game of Life £2.49 -923
45 Human Vehicle Free -922
46 ESPN Free -921
47 Solitaire Cash Free -921
48 Talking Carl £0.79 -921
49 Smash Colours 3D 2022 Free -920
50 Combat Master Online Free -919

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To find the app categories that people search for the most, we used Google Keyword Planner to find the average monthly global search volume from various app types (such as ‘dating apps’) between Oct ’21 and March ’22 (the latest available data as of April 2022).

We then analysed data from app intelligence tool Sensor Tower to reveal the apps that have gained in, as well as lost popularity between Oct ’21 and April ’22. This was achieved by taking the top 100 apps from the UK and US app store chart rankings in October 2021, and again in April 2022 (excluding duplicates), then calculating the positive/negative difference in rankings of these apps over the same time period.

All data correct as of April 2022.