A Guide to Smooth Selling on Mozillion 17/10/23

By James, Mozillion Team

Sold a phone on Mozillion? Follow our recommended tips for a smooth sale and fast payment.

Selling a phone on Mozillion is easy, fast and risk-free, and you’ll get more cash compared to trading in. Whether this the first or fiftieth phone you’ve sold on the Mozillion marketplace, this handy guide for once you’ve sold your phone will help.

Tip 1: Send us your IMEI number

Once your phone is sold, we email you with a link to upload the IMEI number of your phone. Whilst this is an optional step, as we also check the IMEI when your phone arrives with us, we recommend you do this as it speeds up the processing of your sale so you get your money faster.

If you’re unsure of your phone’s IMEI number you can find it by dialling *#06# on your phone’s keypad.

Tip 2: Prepare your phone for sending

Back up any phone numbers, photos and data you need from your phone, then perform a factory reset to wipe your phone.

Ensure you have removed all iCloud accounts, Samsung and Google accounts, passwords and PIN numbers.

Hold onto all your SIM card and any memory cards, we don’t need those.

For additional security, we perform a further data wipe to professional standards during the inspection process.

Tip 3: Remove any screen protector or case

We don’t need these items and they need to be removed so we can check the condition of your phone. Remove them before sending your phone to us and before Tip 4 below.

Tip 4: Take photos of your phone before you send it to us

Your phone must match the condition you’ve sold it in. Before you send the phone to us, take some photos (and video) of the device, ideally with the screen on showing the IMEI number. We also recommend placing a piece of paper next to the phone with the current date written on it.

Ensure any photos you take clearly show all angles of the phone’s front, back, sides and any marks relevant to the condition your phone was sold in.

Tip 5: Package your phone securely

We photograph and inspect each phone immediately when it arrives at Mozillion. Ensure you’ve securely packaged your phone to protect it during it’s time in transit to us.

Tip 6: Don’t waste time

The quicker we receive your phone the quicker you get paid.  Your buyer is waiting, and your part of the deal is to make sure we receive your phone within 2 working days.

Tip 7: Get paid!

When your phone arrives with us, we’ll photograph, inspect and test it. Once it has been approved we’ll release your payment into bank account using the account details you provided us when you sold your phone.