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Our free inspection turns your “used” phone into a “refurbished” one – and higher prices. Our 90-point diagnostic test conforms to industry refurbished practice
Free verification and certified data wipe
Free 24-month warranty for your buyer

You sell your Huawei phone. We boost its value.

Smartphones are like buses - there’s a new one every minute. Regular updates mean that recent phones are quickly missing the latest features, and even new phones have their problems. In the case of Huawei, a spat with the US government means the latest models are locked out of the Google Play store. If you got one as a present, maybe you’ve decided to sell.

That’s where we come in. Mozillion’s marketplace helps you sell a new Huawei phone for more than you’d get elsewhere on the internet. Our checks and 12-month guarantee mean our buyers can trust what they’re getting - even if it’s second-hand. When you’re selling a pre-loved phone through Mozillion, you’ll get far more than you would for a Huawei phone trade in.

Should I trade in my Huawei phone?

Here’s an industry secret: old mobile phones are worth more than anyone will offer as a trade-in. You could trade in a Huawei phone to get sweeter new phone deals, or you could sell it for what it’s worth - and afford an even better replacement. We’ll help you get the best price when you sell a Huawei phone. And with our unbeatable Huawei phone deals, we’ll help you snap up a new one for less, too.

Why sell a Huawei phone through us?

If you’ve ever tried selling an old phone online, you’ll know it can be more trouble than it’s worth. From time wasters to fraudsters, you can never be sure who’s buying your old phone - and whether they’ll ever pay.

Mozillion changes that by adding the missing layer of trust between seller and buyer. We inspect, test and securely wipe every used phone, then back it up with a 12-month guarantee. Buyers know they’re getting the phone they expect, and sellers can be sure they’ll be paid.

On top of that, we have lower seller fees than other marketplace sites, and there’s no need to write a lengthy listing or upload pictures. It's the simple way to sell a Huawei phone for more.

How do I sell my Huawei phone?

Say you want to sell a Huawei P40 Pro. Simply choose it on the page above, tell us its colour and condition, and whether it’s unlocked or tied to a network. Now specify whether it’s new, or a pre-owned Huawei phone in pristine, very good or good condition.

So far, so easy. Now just choose whether you want to Sell Now for the highest offer going, or name an Asking Price and wait for a buyer to meet it. Either way, you’ll quickly find a buyer on the Mozillion marketplace. When you do, we’ll deal with them for you, we’ll handle the payment, and we’ll securely wipe your data. You’ll sell a Huawei phone for more money, and less hassle.

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